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We help our partners build lean-startup communities that can thrive. We train, consult one-on-one and implement unique training programs on their behalf. We also design, build and run startup accelerators that can fit with any organizations' objectives.

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Our services offer greater value than the conventional consultants out there. By contrast we
implement the right choice of practical methodologies that really help entrepreneurs. Our training
unique training workshops advocate the Lean Startup fundamentals. We aim at nurturing startups from idea-stage, all the way to stealth-growth stage. We cover major challenges startups go thru.

We work with companies and NGOs, Universities and Governments, SMEs and Startups all alike.

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  • 1 / Acceleration Programs

    StartupNow offers organizations and companies the opportunity to develop innovation-led startup accelerators. It could be at a campus of a university, or at the premise of a company. Our work helps your organization conceptualize the best startup accelerator program for your beneficiaries. We help you help startups within a given program that is unique to your organization. We also help you capture the benefits of working with startups such as incorporating innovative solutions startups create. StartupNow will help in ideating towards the model of acceleration and devise the processes, procedures and KPIs needed to implement the accelerator model for you.

    Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.
  • 2 / Training Sessions

    Our training programs strengthen startups and their products. Our main goal is to pass on lean methodologies to entrepreneurs - action before theory. Just as Steve Blank puts it, our attitude towards entrepreneurs in our programs is: Get Out of the Building! The following training sessions are usually given in sponsorship of overseeing organizations. They are all followed by action plans.

    • 1

      Business Model Innovation for Startups

      Help startups devise business models the right way. Implement applied design thinking and prototyping to validate business in the market.

    • 2

      Growth Hacking

      Learn in detail about processes, tools & templates to conduct & measure iterative growth experiments!

    • 3

      Customer Development

      Whether you have an idea for a product or not, we give hands-on experience on validation & how to build the “rightest” product for your customer segment.

    • 4

      Pitch Coaching

      Training on how to approach investors & communicate directly to their interest the most effective way.

    • 5

      Financial Modeling

      Working with entrepreneurs to create and maintain their financial sheets at all times. Cap Tables, Valuations, Financial Model, Forecasts…etc.

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