In December 2015, StartupNow and Orange Jordan joined forces to found BIG by Orange (Business, Innovation and Growth) at the King Hussein Business Park. Orange Jordan wanted to help out Jordanian startups in their respective markets and turned to us for some help.


BIG by Orange has one single objective: making an impact. While there are a lot of initiatives and entrepreneurial activities out there, we were able to craft out a model that works. And it is purely based on business development.


BIG by Orange is one of the first growth-engine accelerators in the MENA region. It dedicates to growth-stage startups who have serious growth needs. BIG prefers mobile applications, web-based businesses and at large online products. It follows a unique model in startup acceleration where no equity is taken, AND no cash investment is committed either. So what is it that BIG promises to do? well, consider the following 5 propositions.



1. Service Distribution: boost your traction.


When a big telecom approaches a startup in MENA, things don’t immediately work out. Large multi-national companies move slowly, and the processes could sometime proof infinite. Startups cannot afford this sluggishness. So Orange by Jordan is one of the first to jump-start this bureaucracy and commit to help startups in their quest to grow. The Commercial and VAS (Value Added Services) teams at Orange Jordan is eager to establish strong ties with BIG’s startups.


The process is straightforward: 1. Pitch in how you wish to do business with Orange Jordan, Orange Egypt, Orange worldwide…etc 2. VAS team negotiate mutual agreement 3. Sign a deal


2. Procurement: sell to a network of corporate buyers.


StartupNow is forming a list of Jordanian corporations that are interested to act startup-friendly. The direct benefit is to potentially become an approved supplier. This is beneficial to startups that have a B2B offering. On the other hand, these corporations will offer better payment terms and BIG startups will enjoy preferred treatment.


3. Investor Relations: raise a new round.


Almost all growing startups plan their next investment round. We have a list of international fund managers as well as Angel Investors that have proven record in investing in emerging markets before. StartupNow usually communicate, negotiate and broker an investment deal on your behalf.


4. Marketing & PR: piggyback on our partners.


Orange Jordan has a huge appetite for marketing. There are many diverse channels and they have a national coverage. Equally important is Roya’s studio at BIG. Roya TV has dedicated to covering startup products in multiple of programs. Click here to see Trevx pitch in. BIG will be featuring all its startup products on all marketing channels of our partners.


5. Business Development: optimize your customer creation funnel.


As consultants, StartupNow will have the opportunity to advise startups on best applicable business models. We conduct market analysis, technical analysis as well as financial analysis. We help BIG startups conduct due diligence reports that will aid them in raising new rounds with investors. We also consult on best growth strategies and what optimizing tools to use when attracting, monetizing and retaining all of the startup’s customer segments



Apply now to Season 2


If you think your startup can benefit, here is a last chance to apply to become part of BIG. Once we receive your application you will be notified if you were shortlisted and accordingly book you to pitch in-front of a panel made of Judges from Oasis 500, Roya TV and Orange executive board. To have an idea of what criteria the judges use, check the table below. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. good luck!!



The point weights when pitching to BIG


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