Today we are happy to launch our new website! StartupJo is now StartupNow. Our new focus is to build entrepreneurial programs for our partners across the Middle East. In effect, StartupNow will function as a lean consultancy firm and provide important services to entrepreneurial communities.


StartupNow = Community Equilibrium

When we started out in mid-2015, we wanted to capture the needs of Jordanian startups on one single platform. We’ve learned a lot since then. Many organizations and larger companies go through the same challenges when dealing with entrepreneurs. Many startups and investors on the other hand, require assistance in working with one another. There is a big need for structured solutions that make it easier for people.

So we’re pivoting into a services-oriented company that wants to help organizations help startups. This means that we will offer a variety of programs that are easy to apply by our partners. Whether our partners are interested in maintaining a successful Corporate Entrepreneurial Responsibility or just simply want to attract startups for investments, we are here to help.


The Middle East – Some Entrepreneurial Action

We believe there is a big need in the Middle East and North Africa market for a consultancy firm that champion the lean startup fundamentals. To finally bridge the gap between conventional management and practical management. To do away with old processes that our young entrepreneurs finding impractical.

We have gathered a great team of consultants on board who are top notch industry experts. All of our consultants are accomplished entrepreneurs on top of their original businesses. I am going to be focusing on Lean management and corporate innovation and lead the Sales and Marketing efforts. Help me spread the word 🙂

Me and my cofounder Hamza Jilani, who is an accomplished entrepreneur (Plexable), are happy to have positioned ourselves in this market and are happy to start working with you all in the future!

Saeed Omar

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